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About - She Lives



None of us wants to live a boring story…

None of us wants to intentionally head for an unhappy ending, we long to see bad beginnings transformed, we do expect good to ultimately win over evil, we hold to the hope that at the end of the day things do work out for the best.

In telling a good story as much as in living a good life, waiting is essential.  We stand still, on tip toes almost, to see what will come of our lives. We love to see tangled plots unravel, and we follow with much interest the development of characters. Story is about many things, so is life.

SheLives is about learning to treasure your unique story. It is about being a good steward of it, laughing at the comedy, remaining faithful in tragedy and embracing with courage the daily slow drama of ordinary events.

SheLives seeks to inspire women to reflect theologically and engage meaningfully with the entirety of their experience. It is an invitation to reengage with the story of Jesus, to learn to read between its lines what we are meant to be and do. This is the story that will help you make sense of all the nonsense going on in your life. The story in which He invites us to be co authors, co directors and co editors, all at the same time…

SheLives offers the following