Just She

Women of all ages, all walks of life and in all places are living out their stories, often with little, if any encouragement or affirmation, and with inadequate resources.

Often these stories are invisible, ignored and undervalued. Women and their stories, work and contribution have been underestimated, throughout centuries, mainly because too often their work is often hidden and not perceived to be of wider economic value, even if it is back breaking and lonely.

Women are often the most vulnerable among the vulnerable, the poorest among the poor.

To ignore this is to ignore the real everyday stories that women face all around the world, often in the contexts of violent societies and structures. ‘According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, among women aged 15-44 years, gender violence accounts for more death and disability than cancer, malaria, traffic injuries, and war put together.’[1]

SheLives believes every woman’s story matters. We want to lean in to the stories women are sharing and the stories they were never able to share. This simple act can be truly transformational; it can validate their suffering, dignify their journey and lift them to believe they matter. We want to create a movement of women sharing stories and being inspired by how God’s redemptive grace has been at work in their lives.

How can a simple act of story sharing be of any value? The answer is, in God’s kingdom there are no small, unimportant stories. We may be unemployed but we have our story; we may be a single mum, but we have our story; we may be broken and abused, rejected, we may be a comfort eater and a bankrupt, but we all have a story. And if we bring these stories to God, He can detangle the twisted plots and unravel beautiful purposes. Our stories always carry seeds of new beginnings and possibilities within them.


Seminars available:

  • Rose from the Brier (How God Redeems Our Story)
  • Breaking the Cycle of the Bad Story (Lessons for Living and Leading from the Book of Ruth)



[1] Gender-Based Violence Legal Aid: A Participatory Toolkit, ARC International GBV in Conflict-Affected Settings